Metal Detector – Product Launch

An industrial pulse-mode metal detector developed by WRL Consultancy, in conjuction with mechanical design support from the client’s team, has now been launched by the client at a recent trade-show. Pulse-mode detection is particularly useful for distinguishing the metal signal, via time-domain means, when the return signal from the materials being inspected is generally variable and unpredictable and hence difficult to calibrate for with continuous-wave detection.

The launch followed prototype stages, starting with proof-of-concept, during which adaptations and refinements were made and tested to suit the clients specific requirements and the particular characteristics of the intended field of application.

Ongoing close technical support of the detector will assist the scaling up of production, further enhance its capability, and also yield product range variants, bespoke designs and an enhanced feature-set for end customers.

Please see our page: Metal Detection, Sensing and Electromagnetic Discrimination