Magnet Calibration

Strong permanent magnets are often used for the detection and removal of magnetic contaminant foreign body objects, particles and fragments that may sometimes be present in the raw material at entry to the food-processing stream.

Since January 2012, Issue 6 of the BRC Global Standard For Food Safety sect. 4.10.1 has required periodic checking and recording of the strength of these magnets.

We have been providing this on-site service to food manufacturers in the Manchester Area, as a natural extension of our magnetic survey service. In addition to using a calibrated gaussmeter, for accuracy and repeatability of the field strength measurements, where appropriate, we can also provide a custom-designed jig to place upon the magnet to enable accurate and repeatable positioning and orientation of the gaussmeter probe on successive occasions at the various desired measurement-points for the calibration.

Where it may suit the client better, we can also provide off-site calibration on a quick turn-around, with the magnet set being sent to us for checking in our laboratory. More-distant clients have found this useful as a way to mitigate the cost of the service.

We will be pleased to discuss your particular requirements.