About WRL Consultancy

WRL Consultancy Ltd provides a comprehensive range of RF and general electronics consultancy and engineering services. Its main activities are provision of custom & semi-custom solutions, product development & design, and problem solving. Its clients are from various sectors – including consumer products, security systems, safety systems, countersurveillance, telemetry, remote control and research. These can include manufacturers, consultants, specifiers, designers, system integrators, installers, distributors, importers and end-users.

A large part of WRL Consultancy’s activity is in the field of ‘low power radio’ (also known as ‘short range devices’ or SRDs) and the company is a member of the Low Power Radio Association. Further important areas of activity for WRL Consultancy include RFID, metal detection, RF field generators and instrumentation.

A Flexible Solution

Our services are available to assist clients of any size from individuals to major corporations, located in the UK and elsewhere. Since establishment in 2002, we have undertaken work for, among others, small start-ups, a FTSE-250 company, some other well-known UK companies that are leading players in their respective markets, and a company in South-East Asia.

It is our aim to provide a flexible service solution, and we are therefore pleased to accept assignments of various types and sizes, on- or off-site; for instance:-

  • Undertaking a development project (whole or part),
  • Problem investigation,
  • Advisory and solution,
  • Concept development and estimation,
  • Supplementing in-house resource of client,
  • Collaborating as a participant on a team project,
  • Providing assistance on a single small matter.

We also aim to be responsive to and continuously seek to develop our services to serve new customer requirements and evolving market needs. The service capability we offer is further strengthened through our collaborative relationships with a network of external parties. Naturally, we are prepared to discuss client requirements in complete confidence.

A more comprehensive description of our services portfolio is found in the SERVICES section of this website. A range of examples of the work we have undertaken is outlined in the PROJECTS section.


The company benefits from in-house technical background experience in analogue electronics and RF design that spans frequencies from DC to microwave, and includes fields as diverse as UHF transmitters and receivers, microwave power amplifiers, security systems and industrial metal detector systems. The company also has resources expert in digital electronics and firmware design.

Our experience covers both working on high value custom products and volume low cost products, including dealing with their end-users. Additionally, we are experienced with working with subcontract manufacturers located in SE Asia, both on-site and from the UK, handling in detail issues of design for production, quality, test development, technical support and project management.

The company also possesses in-house fluent oral and written capability in the Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien dialects of Chinese.

Legal Information

WRL Consultancy Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales, with company number 4390671.

Registered Office: 52, Sanderling Road, Stockport SK2 5UD, United Kingdom. VAT Number: GB 793 3706 02

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