Instrumentation & Equipment – Design and Troubleshooting

We can provide development and construction of custom and semi-custom instrumentation and equipment, radio frequency or otherwise, high or low power. We also provide advice, troubleshooting and improvement for existing equipment and an ongoing maintenance service.

Our service is capable of covering the RF, electromagnetic, electronic, software/firmware, system, control, communications, thermal, safety and mechanical aspects of a design. The control aspects include signal processing/analysis, external command and automatic self-adjustment.

Examples of the equipment we have produced or improved include:-

  • production line test equipment and fixtures – particularly for RF products – for alignment and QA
  • laboratory test equipment and fixtures
  • high power radio frequency field generation systems for remote power transfer
  • intelligent power supplies for special applications
  • system for automated 3-axis survey of magnetic fields
  • system for monitoring electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • system for generating tailored electromagnetic interference (EMI) for susceptibility investigation