Miniature Radio Products:- TX, RX, TRX, including Antennas

Active miniature radio products (using transmitters, receivers or transceivers) find varied applications, such as in tracking, identification, security, paging and monitoring. They are desirable where it is a key requirement for the product to be: discrete, covert, wearable, lightweight, convenient to use, fit in a limited space, be used with something that is already small, or have minimum aesthetic impact.

In different applications there are different needs, constraints, and degrees of freedom. There are therefore different trade-offs. We can design for low cost, high performance or minimum power consumption – in a wide range of frequency bands. Our capability and experience covers: circuit design, RF PCB layout, system concepts, mechanical concepts, sourcing of miniature parts, power sources, power management, firmware and compact antenna design.

We are pleased to provide advice and perform feasibility work, concept development and full development with ongoing support, test development and emissions/EMC compliance.