Radio Frequency Circuit Modules

Developing radio receiver and transmitter modules and circuits in various frequency bands, and particularly at UHF, is a field where WRL Consultancy has extensive experience.

We have been able to deliver cost reduction, increased performance, simplified adjustment, improved reliability, improved yield and avoidance of obsolescence.

In a modular circuit, the RF portion is usually built around a suitable RF IC chosen from the many available, but in some cases – often to minimise cost – it can be composed entirely of discrete components. We can design for various circuit architectures, to suit the client’s precise needs, each giving different trade-offs between various performance parameters and cost.

We are skilled in optimising the performance of a module design for the specific application so that a cheaper RF IC can be used than might otherwise be the case from following the manufacturer’s circuit recommendation.

The choice of architecture and RF IC depends on the desired performance specification, cost and allowable trade-offs. The client may have an IC in mind or we can make recommendations. New RF ICs are available all the time.

We can design for applications with various forms of modulation (e.g. ASK, FSK, FM, AM), and can incorporate PLL synthesizer or SAW LO architectures, utilise SAW filters and other measures for high immunity, low-noise external preamplifiers for improved sensitivity, and customised IF and baseband filtering and processing to suit the detailed aspects of the requirement.

Thus we can cater for diverse needs, for example: low-cost simple signalling; ISM band industrial controls; small-size; security; audio transmission; high-immunity, highly temperature-stable narrow-bandwidth receiver for any required frequency.

We are pleased to advise, flesh-out requirements, develop specifications, perform feasibility work, and undertake full development with ongoing support, test development and emissions/EMC compliance. Our design service is not limited to the simply the RF circuit, but can look after the entire electronic design.

We also offer to troubleshoot, update and improve existing designs.

Do feel welcome to contact us to discuss your possible requirements.