Design and Development

We can undertake RF, general (analogue and digital) electronic and firmware development projects. Developments can be taken through any or all the various steps, as appropriate, from an outline concept to prototype, through pilot production and on to providing ongoing support in full production. They can be anything from the new and highly innovative to modifications of existing designs or the interfacing/incorporation of existing off-the-shelf items.

We are pleased to undertake projects or parts of projects by ourselves or as part of a wider team.

The development services we offer also include: provision of test development, RF test fixtures, feasibility studies, concept development, cost reduction.

Our design services are also available individually as required, and include, for example: matching/filter network design, circuit design, simulation and modelling, RF PCB layout, non-RF PCB layout, minor mechanical design.

Similarly, we can provide RF and general small run prototyping/build and test services. A shielded room and a test range are among our RF test facilities.

Examples of the development or design we can undertake include, but are not limited to:-

  • RF modules – TX / RX / transceiver – [UHF circuits have formed a major area of activity]
  • metal detectors
  • RF field generators
  • induction heaters
  • test equipment and systems, jigs and fixtures
  • miniature transmitters and miniature receivers
  • use of Zigbee and 802.15.4 protocol-based and other wideband transceiver-based systems
  • antennas: electrically small antennae; helical antennae; antenna matching
  • oscillators
  • amplifiers – low noise amplifiers, gain stages, power amplifiers
  • filters