EMC/EMI Solutions

Our experience in design, development and troubleshooting experience with RF products, inductive systems and instrumentation includes successfully dealing with EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and EMI (electromagnetic interference) problems in various forms.

In the case of an the item under development, there needs to be care to mitigate or eliminate its emissions into its neighbourhood (via radiation or conduction), or care is needed to ensure that it is robust against emissions from its neighbourhood so that these do not unacceptably disturb its operation. Sometimes the potential interference problem is internal, with what could impact at one point being generated by another part of that same product or system.

In other cases, equipment may have been adequately designed to withstand external interference expected in its intended usage, but suffers interference in a particular usage context, or perhaps during production testing from high levels of interference arising in the factory. Such interference in a factory can affect yields and throughput, and can affect all stages of testing, including components and subassemblies, as well as the finished product. Sources of interference are potentially many and various, and include high-frequency equipment, switching transients and also nearby ESD (electrostatic discharge).

We offer to investigate suspected interference whether internal or external and to propose and implement measures to mitigate or eliminate the problem. Where appropriate we can also produce custom equipment to assist investigation or monitoring of EMI and for checking of susceptibility.