Magnetic Field Surveys

A service we developed in response to client demand – we perform magnetic field surveys and supply related custom equipment.

Magnetic surveys enable direct checking, with regard to relevant standards, the of exposure of persons, sensitive materials and equipment to magnetic fields, which may be constant or vary over timescales ranging between long and extremely short. They are sometimes required, for example, when there has been a change of use of an area, or change of layout, or there has been a change in the installed equipment in the vicinity, or equipment is being put to a new use.

Magnetic fields can be surveyed in three dimensions and with our equipment the measurements can be made simultaneously in three axes. Fields can be analysed for static and alternating (DC and AC) components over a range of frequencies (TLF, ELF, SLF, ULF, VLF) with our magnetometers, and also for fluctuating or transient components over various timescales.

With other magnetic-coupled equipment we can analyse AC fields with frequencies up to HF, and from HF to 3 GHz with our standard RF Survey equipment.

We are able to design and construct custom equipment to facilitate a particular survey, to accommodate the practical, physical, mechanical, automation, ergonomic and financial considerations of the requisite survey task, and configured according the relevant sampling and signal processing needs. The equipment would typically integrate an appropriate magnetometer (gaussmeter) arrangement, signal conditioning, control, data logging, data comms, power supply and measures to counter internal and external EMI.

We also can consider and propose technically, practically and financially appropriate sets of tests and survey patterns for efficient gathering of key data concerning the magnetic environment in question.

Custom survey equipment can be supplied for the client to make separate arrangements for performing a survey.

Our magnetometers are also available for hire.